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Heartburn No More Review

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Thank you for checking out our review of the ebook, Heartburn No More. This review is written by someone who actually downloads and reads every product that is reviewed. This is not a paid advertisement, it is an actual review of this PDF book.

What You Get

  • 186 page Heartburn no more ebook
  • Free 24 hours counseling
  • Free One-On-One Counseling With Jeff Martin For 3 Months
  • BONUS – The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures
  • BONUS – How and When to Be Your Own Doctor
  • BONUS – The Healing Power Of Water
  • BONUS – Free Lifetime Updates
  • SUPER BONUS – The Definitive Guide To Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • SUPER BONUS – 50 Acid Reflux Diet Recipes

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Heartburn No More is divided into five sections:

  • Section 1 – Introduction Discusses the basic facts of causes of heartburn and how the system works. It also details how to gain the most effective results from using the program outlined in the book.
  • Section 2 – All About Heartburn and Reflux A very detailed discussion of the symptoms and causes of heartburn. This includes how it is diagnosed and treated; both holistically and traditionally. The author offers insights on the use of over-the-counter medications and their failure to cure the disease. He then discusses the holistic approach to the cure.
  • Section 3 – The Heartburn No More Quick Results Mini-program This section offers an introduction into how the program works and how to get the quickest results.
  • Section 4 – The Holistic Heartburn No More System The lengthiest part of the book is full of information on how the 5 step program works. It covers all the information in an in depth look at each piece of the program and how to adapt it to the changes the reader is wishing to make and the success they wish to achieve.
  • Section – 5 Appendices This offers a detailed instructions on detoxing the body. Tons of useful information is found in this portion of the book. It is full of valuable guidelines for a successful detox. There are also lots of tips from those who have achieved success with the program.

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This ebook is a very thorough look at reflux and heartburn. It is obvious that years of study and practice have gone into the creation of this program. It does not offer temporary relief, but a cure of heartburn. It does not any medications with harmful side effects, instead it offers a very holistic and natural program which will alleviate the condition not merely stifle the symptoms.

Heartburn No More Pros:

What are the pros for Heartburn No More? It is a comprehensive program as outlined thoroughly in this ebook. It gives details on how the program works and the system’s benefits. It also has a section which describes in detail how to test your body to find out which portions of the program need to be performed more aggressively. It is a complete system, but if there are any questions there is access to the author via email. It’s an easy read and does not use a lot of hard to understand medical terminology.

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Heartburn No More Cons:

If there are any cons to the book it is that it has a lot of information. It can be overwhelming and may need to be read in chunks rather than all at once. It also requires the personal tenacity to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Heartburn no more is right for you if you experience heartburn frequently. IT is an holistic approach that will not simply mask symptoms but cure the disease. If you ever have to take over the counter medications for relief this book is essential.

Our take on Heartburn No More? It is a great, workable program to get rid of the condition rather than temporarily relieve symptoms. The program is built using all natural methods which can bring no harm to the body. This book is recommended for all those who have ever had troublesome heartburn; buy it! It is a way to be free from symptoms for the rest of your life by following these simple clearly laid out steps.

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Fibroids Miracle Review: the Pros and Cons

If you plan on using the three-step system in eliminating uterine fibroids, then you should first consider looking for an unbiased Fibroids Miracle Review. It should describe all the benefits and disadvantages of the system presented in the book instead of just merely a paid advertisement.

Amanda Leto, the author of the book entitled Fibroids Miracle, has formulated a three-step system towards recovering from having uterine fibroids – a reproductive problem involving the woman’s uterus. Leto claims that this system will eliminate your fibroids in a span of two months. Aside from that, you will no longer resort to the help of drugs and surgical treatment.

Just like any other system, this one has its pros and cons. What’s good about this book is that the author has thoroughly discussed the steps involved in the system. The terms used are simple and understandable. However, one minor disadvantage found in this book is that it is not found in your local bookstores because it is sold exclusively online.

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How Do You Take GenF20 Plus?

You want to try to reverse the signs of aging and you ask where do I get it and how do you take GenF20 Plus? Before beginning any supplement program you should check with your health care provider to make sure that it is appropriate for you.  If your physician agrees, then you can look on line for a manufacturer of a supplement that is produced in certified laboratories and uses a high quality ingredient. Be sure to research the manufacturer and choose one that is reputable. This will insure that you are actually getting ingredients that will produce the desired results. There are several health food stores and other retailers who offer these supplements for sale.

How Do You Take GenF20 Plus? Some manufacturers recommended that you take multiple doses each day. However, this one suggests one pill per day for up to six months. Depending on the level of human growth hormone (HGH) in your bloodstream, the amount of time to see results will vary. If you are not middle age, you may see results within three months. If you are middle age, your HGH levels will be at their lowest and you may need a full six months of supplementation before you see results. Taking the supplement will help reduce and reverse some of the signs of aging that occur as levels of HGH decrease in the body.

The body produces this growth hormone in the pituitary gland from birth and the levels reach the highest levels during teenage years. As the levels decrease, the body begins to show signs of aging. Skin loses its youthful look, tone and texture. Bone density decreases, fat cells increase storage, and muscles begin to lose mass as levels of HGH fall. To reverse these signs you need to encourage the pituitary to increase its production of the hormone. Before the development of the pill form in use today, the only way to get HGH was to manufacture it from cadavers and it was then injected into the body by the physician. This was expensive for the general population.

However, when the synthetic form was not injected, the pill became another option. Because HGH molecules are too large for absorption, a way of stimulating the body’s natural production was required. The use of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants combined in this pill form promote higher levels of HGH and build the body’s immune and cardiovascular system. How Do You Take GenF20 Plus? One pill a day!

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How Long Does Heartburn Last?

Heartburn is caused by the regurgitation of stomach contents into the esophagus and heartburn does last long periods of time, as much as four hours after eating a meal. This disease is also called acid reflux or if symptoms occur at least twice a week the physician will diagnose the condition as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The lower esophageal sphincter (LES) muscle can be relaxed by medications; the LES can be forced open by a stomach that is too full or by other pressure exerted on the structure; or you could have a defect in the structure.

How long heartburn does last will depend mainly on the cause of the disease and the treatment that you and your physician choose to treat the disorder. You can make lifestyle changes; dietary changes; take medications prescribed by your doctor or over the counter (OTC) medications recommended by your physician; or you can have surgical intervention to repair structural defects or damage to the esophageal tissue or LES.

Acid reflux is pretty common, but if you change your lifestyle you may find that you may never get the disorder or you may be able to manage the symptoms to alleviate most of the discomfort. If you wear tight clothing that restricts your waist area, you should select clothing that is looser. If you smoke, you should try to quit. If you are overweight you should exercise and eat right so that you will lose weight. If you eat large meals, break them into smaller portions and eat more frequently. Do not eat a meal and lie down. Wait at least three hours to give the contents in the stomach long enough to empty. You heartburn won’t last long if you make an effort to eliminate the triggers and take steps to eliminate the symptoms when they occur.

If you cannot alleviate the symptoms using the suggestions in the above paragraph then you should make an appointment to talk to your doctor. He can recommend OTC medications that you can take. Be sure that if you take medications prescribed by your physician that you find out which OTC to take. Some of them cause interactions with prescribed medications and some cause prescribed medications to be ineffective. The doctor can prescribe medication that have antacid properties; that are foaming agents that coat the stomach lining; that are proton pump inhibitors and prokinetics.

The doctor may want to do tests that will identify the cause of the disease. If home remedies, lifestyle changes, and medications do not change the symptoms and the frequency of the episodes then the doctor will have to find the cause by doing tests. A barium swallow study will show if there are abnormalities, scarring, or ulcers in the esophageal canal. If this is not a clear enough picture, the doctor can do an endoscopy. This is a procedure where the doctor uses a camera in a tube to view the esophagus. He may ask you to do help with a pH monitoring test by recording what you eat and drink. Once the testing is completed and the doctor has identified the cause of the disease, then treatment will determine how long heartburn lasts.

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Why Does Water Give Me Heartburn?

Plain water should not give you heartburn, but carbonated water does give you heartburn if you have already developed the condition. Heartburn is another name given to the disease acid reflux or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). This disease has many known causes and there are treatments that you can do at home to help alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of this disease.

Drinking some types of beverages have been associated with causing the flare up and water does give you heartburn if it is carbonated. Carbonated soda, caffeinated beverages, and citric based juices are also associated with these symptoms. The citrus juice and tomato juice will add acid to your stomach and possibly cause an excess that will weaken the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Carbonated beverages can cause the stomach to expand with gas and put pressure on the muscle. Caffeine is thought to stimulate the production of more stomach acid.

For most people water does not give heartburn because drinking plain water can help dilute the acid in the stomach. However, water that is carbonated will cause burping and when you burp acid is forced back into the esophageal canal. Science Daily reported in 2006 that the Mayo Clinic studies found that a pre-cancerous condition could develop in 5% of the participants that had acid reflux. When the acid is continually forced into the esophagus the burning can scar the tissue and sores, or ulcers, can develop. This can cause cell abnormalities that can lead to the formation of cancer cells.

If you have acid reflux that occurs more frequently than twice a week, you need to see your physician who will diagnose you with GERD. You need to treat the condition as your physician directs. You may be told to change your diet to eliminate the foods that are known triggers of the disease. You may receive suggestions to eliminate carbonated, caffeinated beverages. You may be told to drink plenty of water to help dilute the stomach acid.
The physician may do tests in the office that will help identify the cause of your symptoms. If you have structural abnormalities he may need to correct them surgically. You will monitor the foods you eat and the pH levels of your stomach can be tested to determine whether you have high or low levels of acid. If you suffer from low acid in the stomach water does give you heartburn because it will stimulate the production of stomach acid that is necessary for proper digestion of the foods you eat.

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Can Acid Reflux Cause Constipation?

There are a lot of causes for problems with the body eliminating waste from the digestive process and acid reflux can cause constipation in some individuals. When you eat, your food will go through the digestive process in about two days. The time it takes will depend on the individual and the food that is eaten. When a person does not consume enough fiber in their diet the food process will slow. If too much fat is eaten then the process can slow and can block the system.

Acid reflux can cause constipation if you are losing too much water from symptoms of the disease. If you are not drinking enough water when you eat the food that you consume will be pressed together and become harder to pass through the intestines. The bowels have a sphincter muscle that keeps the opening of the rectum tight.

When you suffer from the symptoms of GERD you may eat certain foods that help you avoid the uncomfortable sensations of the disease. You may also try to avoid specific foods that are thought to cause the frequency and the intensity of the disease to occur. In altering your diet you may create an imbalance in the stomach and acid reflux can cause constipation as a result of the imbalance.

Women who are expecting a baby can have hormones that cause changes in their body that can contribute to acid reflux problems. The pregnant woman may have hormones that change the pressure in the intestines or the baby may put pressure on the stomach that can force the acid into the esophagus. Sometimes as the body ages the digestive process will slow. Metabolism will change and the intestines can become blocked from the aging process. A lot of times the elderly do not drink sufficient amounts of liquid to help push the waste through the digestive system. Anyone who does not consume enough high fiber and low fat foods can suffer the effects of that poor diet.

The above article has shown that there are several causes that can prevent waste from being eliminated from the body within an appropriate amount of time. If the individual does not drink enough water they will be unable to process food appropriately. If the person does not consume a healthy diet and have a variety of foods that can keep the intensity and frequency of these symptoms at a minimum then acid reflux can cause constipation and other uncomfortable symptoms.

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